November 7th, 2004



I'm actually trying up update my journal using a client instead of the web interface. never done this before, never really saw a reason to do it. Apparently this thing will tell me every time one of my friends has an update, which should be an adventure.

People complain that Linux blows because software is difficult to install. Okay, yes, I've had trouble installing things a couple times, but it hasn't been too much of a problem because my distribution of choice, SuSE, came with just about everything my little heart desired in terms of applications. On the mac, I've had to download stuff, and it's funny because I keep searching for the software that mac users use and I just end up getting the mac versions of the linux programs I've grown to love. OpenOffice was an obvious one, but I didn't think I'd really still be using emacs over here. it's the best text editor I could find though. I also installed frozen bubbles, the most addictive linux game ever, just for the fun of it.

But I digress. Last night we went to see pittsburg state (my alma mater) play northwest missouri at arrowhead stadium... they do this every year, it's called the "Fall Classic" because they're both very good football programs at fairly small schools, so none of their stadiums could hold all the people who wanted to see it. Attendance yesterday was over 25,000 people. Anyway, Pitt State has lost the last SEVEN YEARS. I've never seen them win. It's always depressing. But yesterday, after a lot of tense moments, some disappointments, some victories, we came out ahead. It was beautiful. Happiness everywhere... a sea of red cheering for the Gorillas. People yelling and slapping hands and hugging and yelling some more and our football dudes getting the conference championship trophy.

My junior year, we played Northwest at home in our newly remodeled stadium at Pittsburg. We'd hoped the big crowd would fit (it didn't) and that the homefield advantage would help us out (not so much). The northwest crowd held up a big sign after they won that said, "THANKS FOR REMODELING OUR HOUSE" and relations continued as normal.

until yesterday, when we kicked their asses. go pitt.

I'm not a huge football fan, I go mostly for the excitement of the crowd, and this was an excited crowd, and it was an excited gorilla crowd, which made the weekend so perfect.

another potential roommate

Okay, remember months ago when I was *this close* to having a roommate on the east side of town? Lower rent, nicer place, closer to work? Well she got laid off a week before we were due to sign a lease, so that didn't work out, and I was totally depressed... but now I've met another nice girl my age who REALLY needs a roommate, and she has the most amazing duplex ever. Her other roommate moved out so she's kind of stranded. And this location is even better.

High ceilings, huge kitchen, all hardwood floors. Office space, dining space, my own room, ample storage, garage parking, the whole bit... it's lovely. There's only one issue: she's got a cat.

I am horribly allergic to cats. Drugs can improve the situation, but don't really work and are a pain to keep up with. I think cats are perfectly nice animals but they make me sick. potential roommate is understanding... she's offered to work extra hard to keep the place clean and even wash the cat (facinating concept).

Friday, I kind of decided that this could be doable. Given the fact that the cat will not be in my room EVER, there is no carpet in this place to store cat-ness, and I'm hardly ever home anyway between work and class and junk, I thought it sounded great. Then I went home this weekend and offered the idea up to the 'rents and they reminded me that no matter the conditions, I'm ALLERGIC TO CATS, and so are they, and they don't want to get a hotel to visit me.

so I decided not to move in. but then she called and now I want to again, because it's such a cool offer, and I hate where I live now.