November 6th, 2004


love and powerbook

I got this thought in my head... "Maybe you shouldn't talk so much to everyone about how wonderful your laptop is."

"why, because it'll make other people who don't have laptops feel bad?"

"yes. many poor people read your journal and they'll be upset. they'll try to sell younger siblings on the streets to buy one of their own."

"I was sad for six years because I wanted a laptop and was poor. Maybe this will give them hope."

"point taken. shake your money maker, sista."

Okay. So anyway, when I first told my coworkers I was ordering an apple powerbook I got all these awful comments. "Engineers don't run apples, stupid people run apples. stupid people and barefoot hippies." I was like, "Come on you guys, don't judge me. You have to know I've always had some apple tendencies. I'm still the same spacefem you've always known and loved, it's just that I'll own an apple now."

So Thursday we're all sitting around freaking because we have to decide how to prioritize our aural warnings in the airplane. What happens if we play them on top of each other, are they discernable? What if they're multiplexed, can you keep track of them? Then everyone was like, "We have no software here to simulate this to ask people's opinions, we can't generate .wav files or mix the voice samples we have!"

and then it was apple to the rescue! "Fear not," said spacefem, "I think that new thingamajigger I got has some audio software that came with it." And it did... GarageBand. I could drag wav files onto different tracks, simulate tones, layer stuff, screw with timing the whole bit. I whipped out the laptop and showed everyone.

And many people were very impressed. They thought it looked really nice (which it does) and loved the glowing apple at the back of the display (which is cute) and were very impressed with GarageBand (as am I). We even gathered around and watched the star wars episode III trailer I'd downloaded the night before... ten of us, standing there, so I could demonstrate how snazzy it looks (this drew much attention to our engineering sector but we'd already thought up a lot of ways to prove that star wars episode III was work-related. I mean, duh, lots of flying things, we have to know our industry yes?)

The day was saved thanks to superspacefem and her computer of happiness. plus, I got to play with my laptop at work. bonus for me all the time.