November 2nd, 2004

vote libertarian

good morning, patriots!

Just got my vote on! woo-hoo! I wasn't originally going to be there the SECOND the polls opened, but I was so excited last night I could hardly sleep, then when my alarm went off this morning I just jumped out of bed and went for it. Waiting in line about 30 minutes though, that sucked. I told the people in line that I was *the first* person in my precinct to vote in the primary, and then I'd shown up at like 7:00. The election worker dude said that 30 people total voted in that primary. nice. anyway, people seemed to be in good spirits. I hope it doesn't rain on the ones waiting outside.

afterwards I had time to run to the store (I was out of milk) and come back here for a breakfast pocket, glass of milk (mmm) and livejournal update.

everybody vote now! yay for democracy!