October 31st, 2004



I have a big test in differential equations monday, so my study group was getting together at 2:00 yesterday to work on stuff.

So I didn't study much during the day, I cleaned the apartment and talked to my family on the phone and all that. Then at 1:00 or so I got to thinking about my halloween costume. I had this cool spider-web fabric that I'd made a cape out of, and it was awesome (took me six years to learn to make good capes... patterns just don't work). I was going to wear this long black dress under it. But I got to thinking that I didn't really want to wear the long black dress, I wanted to look hotter and sexier. Then I remembered all the left over spiderweb fabric, and how cool and shiny it is, and how I had *just enough* left to wrap around me, and I had some leftover black fabric to line it...

I had to make a dress.

Got out my favorite dress pattern ever (simplicity 7205, goes together fabulously and you can make it in an afternoon) and set to work making this perfect strapless thing, very short, totally awesome. I was inspired. I was taken.

I missed my study group.

looked at the clock at like 2:15... could have gone, but didn't. oh, the guilt! but I had so much fun! I love sewing. and when I went out last night to my friend's party, I looked very hot. We went to Rocky Horror afterwards and it was miles of fun, and multiple people told me that I looked nice... people I don't know. some random guy took a picture of me. hiroka took one too, but not in digital format, so don't get excited :)

I've seen RHPC in a theater before, but not at a theater like the Orpheum. There were 900 people there, and guys on mics doing the lines. I've known some of the oldies but goodies (Rifraf: "I was only away for a minute" Audience: "WHAT WERE YOU DOING?" Rifraf: "Master." Audience: "BATING!")

But they make up new lines all the time... lines about fight club, john kerry, whatever's new that wasn't around when the play was written. Lines about Kansas and our weird sex laws! It's crazy fun! I got to thinking back to me watching rocky horror long ago... some lady on wichitalife was asking if she should take her 13 year old, because it's rated R and everything. My first thought was no way, there's way too much sex for a 13 year old to see, but then I remembered that I was probably about 13 when I saw it, and not much older than that when my dad TOOK me to see it, at a midnight showing, us sitting together yelling all the dirty words at the screen (always cool like that, my dad) so I'm sure the kid will be fine. I turned out pretty normal.

today, I really gotta study. i'm not too horribly worried about the test, I feel like I've understood this chapter, but I feel bad for slacking yesterday. it's just that when I get an idea in my head for something, I can't think about anything else. I have to do it until it's done.