October 30th, 2004


i hate apple and their stupid reps

sorry to discuss nothing but the laptop, but it's SO FUCKING FRUSTRATING!!!

logged onto apple.com. My ship date has been pushed out to 11/4. There's a big red message at the top that says, " PLEASE CALL AN APPLE STORE SPECIALIST FOR FLOORING APPROVAL STATUS. THEY CAN BE REACHED AT 1-800-XXX-2378 7:30AM TO 6:00PM CST MON-FRI."

The payment method for this order is listed as "flooring" and I don't know what that means, but apparently it's fucked up.

But if it's fucked up, why couldn't they have GIVEN ME THIS NUMBER MONDAY-FRIDAY? Instead, they waited to tell me until Saturday and now I can't do anything! DAMMIT! I was calling every number I could get my hands on last week and no one could help me.

I just got so excited when I logged in thursday and saw the 10/29 ship date, I thought everything was going to be alright and maybe I wouldn't cancel my order after all, but it's not alright, it's hopeless. I can't calm down, I'm upset, this is something I really wanted and I'm just taunted with it, and now I've had three weeks to get worked up about it.

i don't want a sony vio i want a powerbook! fuck you, everyone related to this disaster, for making me want something that I can't get my hands on!

what i really wish is that I could not think about this at all. just don't pay attention, call the store wednesday like I told them I would, if it's shipped good, if not cancel, live with it. but I think about it.

Called my store here. The woman I usually talk to isn't there, so I bitched, yelled, fired off, and got everything off my chest to whatever other guy answered the phone. He said he'd call me back. Another guy did call me back, five minutes later. He said, "It was allocated today, it'll ship out Monday, seriously, ship Monday!" I told him I'd believe it when I saw it.