October 27th, 2004


still no computer

One of the first things I learned at my scrub shoestore selling job was that we should always take responsibility if a customer has an issue with something.  If they buy some shoes and bring them back all pissed off two weeks later, you don't say, "Nike makes crap shoes," you say, "I'm sorry. We can refund your money or provide an exchange or give you a new pair." You fix the problem, whether its yours or not, because customers need to know that you have a handle on the situation.  This concept has been reenforced each time I've gotten a new job, and it's certainly a big deal where I work now.  In systems integration you do nothing but work with other vendor's parts, and we're still not allowed to blame any issues on the vendor if there's a customer asking about it.

So that's why I really have issues with this whole powerbook fiasco.  I ordered a computer, they charge my credit card, and two weeks later the store just tells me, "For some reason it hasn't shipped yet, we're not sure why.  We e-mailed our rep and haven't heard back, but if he gets around to sharing information with us we'll be sure to let you know."  No plan, no "I'll fix the problem," no "What can we do for you?"  I'm just supposed to not think about the $2000 charge sitting on my credit card for something I don't own and maybe won't for a long, long, time.

That's really what I want the world to know now, I'm not mad because apple can't ship, I'm mad because apple, or the store, or some rep inbetween, won't take responsibility for the issue and tell me what's up and what to expect.  It's just sort of floating about and I'm just supposed to chill, and that's really frustrating.

So I called my credit card company and asked what their policies were on companies who charge me without shipping, and they said that if I ordered a product and didn't get it in the promised time, I should probably ask for a refund.  If they don't provide said refund I can dispute the charge, but that sounds messy, so I told the computer store that I'd give it one more week and if I still have no laptop (or even vague hope of a laptop in routing somewhere) I'll have to cancel.  They seemed to understand, but still, what a dissapointment this will all be.  If a company's goal is to make its products very user friendly but they can't make their buying process the same way, it's all going to cancel out.