October 24th, 2004



what is it with me, sunday afternoons, and falling asleep on the couch? ugh. i hate feeling lethargic. i'm going to go to bed tonight at 9:00, I just decided. I have so much crap to do... I did not have time for the hour long nap I just took.

just picked up my keyboard, turned it upside-down, and shook it. all this stuff fell out, it was totally disgusting.

went to joann to pick up fabric for halloween inspirations. it's kind of annoying sometimes how they always try to start up conversation by asking, "What are you going to make with this?" while cutting your fabric. I mean, I know they're just trying to be nice... old ladies who dig quilting usually are... but I always have to think up an answer to cover my wrong one. Like, instead of saying "I don't know I just liked the sparkles" I have to say "I'm getting this for a friend, I don't know what she's doing with it." Once I was in line at the cutting table, and behind me were all these mennonites or something... you know, women in conservative dresses, wearing head coverings, I don't know what they are exactly. Anyway, I was buying all these different colors of fabric and the woman asked what it was all for and for a moment I thought of telling her the truth (flags for our gay rights protest) but stopped myself because I wasn't sure how well that'd go over.

really, telling someone what you're going to make before you make it is weird in the first place. it's sort of like someone staring over your shoulder while you type, asking what you're going to write about. you feel like if you tell them, they could think it's a bad idea or something. oh well.

we sang "be thou my vision" at church today. I left feeling totally happy. that's all it takes, really.