October 22nd, 2004


still only updating from home

a big thumbs-down goes to Apple Computer, or Haddoc, I don't know which, for me not having a laptop yet. Haddoc is the little shop that ordered my laptop on the 13th (I was standing right there) and then told me it'd be a 1-2 week wait. Fine. I was hoping for closer to one week, so I called today and asked what the heck was up and asked if they could maybe give me a tracking number for it. Well the lady at the store did some quick checking and it hasn't even been shipped yet.

in case you're wondering, yes, they have charged my credit card, which I think is crap.

She's like, "Well, they just announced a new laptop, maybe they're holding it for some reason? I'll have to check with our rep, and it'll probably be Monday before we can get back to you."

really, I should have ordered the damn thing from apple.com. I would have avoided sales tax and probably had a tracking number. But I thought it'd be a good idea to have a relationship going with this little shop that could help me with things. If they don't have a DATE for me on Monday, I'm cancelling my order and going online. or maybe just taking it as a sign that I'm not meant for the world of apple after all.