October 17th, 2004


and that's the weekend

yesterday was Kansas Robotics Mall Day - an annual event where high school teams show off the robots they've designed for this year's robotics competitions. For the past two years, I've mentored a team (teach, guide, try to instill within them a love of science and engineering) and I signed up to do it again this year, but never could make any of the scheduled work sessions because I was either at work or in class.

so yesterday I had to work but tried to show up at mall day anyway after I was done to see if the kids had managed to pull off a robot without me this year. I was too late; they were all gone. Figures. So I did some shopping and then went home. Found a cute skirt at the GAP, I guess that was kind of the highlight of the day.

got up, went to church, set up a table for voter registration there and got some people. Went to a sunday school class that was awfully cool. Attended my table between services, went to church, dropped off voter registration at some guy's house, went to the store, came home, cleaned this place, re-organized my closet and drawers for the Semi-Annual Clothing Shift (tank tops away, sweaters out and accessible).

made french bread pizzas. did homework and watched bad Sunday television. updated livejournal.

our minister keeps doing these sermons about how driven we are in this society to always be doing something. she had some buddhist guy come talk to use about meditation and cleansing our minds of the "resonance" of business that infiltrates our lives. it's so hard for me to focus, because I am always somewhere else, no matter what I'm doing. if I'm not on my computer, I'm thinking about what needs done with the websites. if I am on my computer, I'm thinking about what homework needs done. if I'm at work, I'm thinking of what I need to buy at the store. if I'm at the store, I'm thinking about stuff I didn't get to on my list at work.

so in my head in church I'm listening to this buddhist talk about cleaning out his mind, and in my own mind I'm thinking, "It's been two weeks since I cleaned the bird cage, that needs done again. I forgot to add that 'reason question deleted' code on advicenators. I need to get done with the section 3.5 homework that's due wednesday, so I can make my monday political meeting and go out tuesday without thinking about it."

It's funny how we look at adulthood, which lasts 60 years or so, and compare it to pre-adulthood, which lasts 20 years or so, and think that pre-adulthood should feel shorter. nah. elementary school really dragged. this stuff... hell, I'm dizzy.