October 2nd, 2004


websites and other scary stuff

If you ever want to be afraid for humanity, run a free website. I've been getting the most awful questions about advicenators lately... people ask stupid stuff that's in the FAQ, I give them the link to the FAQ, they say stuff like "I can't be expected to read all that!". Then there's people who write to ask why I'm so stuck on myself or why I think I'm "all that". Shit people, I am all that, it's my website! Code your own and you can be all that too, that's how they work, when you're the site owner, you get to make the rules.

We also ban people who are not 13, and that really pisses them off. They lie to register for the site, and by doing so put us in danger of violating federal laws, and they act like I'm doing a great injustice by getting rid of them.

I browse the site and it looks like people are pretty cool, doing a good job, trying to think sometimes. But the ones who contact me... urhg.

in other news, I had some stale bread I wanted to give to the geese at our pond, but I'm scared of the geese since they got confrontational and hissed at me last time I brought food out there. So I went to the other side of the lake, put the pieces of bread by the shore, and ran. they'll probably find out where I live.