September 30th, 2004

vote libertarian


I don't have much to write about, but kudos to the U.S. house of representatives for rejecting the federal marriage amendment! nothing real would have happened even if they'd passed it, since the senate already rejected it, but not wanting to do anything productive they decided to bring it up and debate it anyway. my representative would push aside just about anything for an opportunity to gay bash, so I'm glad he got this out of the way.

one would hope they'd go do something productive that matters now, but this is the federal government that we're talking about, can't expect too much.

i need a usericon for political posts. made a new icon for political posts! sw00ty!

I brought up the presidential debate at work today to my new, non-political coworkers (really, they don't give a fuck about anything) and we got to talking about developing a Presidential Debate Drinking Game. I know if I watch all the debate, I'll end up drinking, if I don't start off that way. Anyway, it'd work like any other TV drinking game but it'd be political: every time Bush says "terrorism", take a drink. Kerry says "Vietnam", take a drink. Bush says "taxes", Kerry says "patriot act", Bush says "flip-flop", Kerry says "poor judgement"... you get the picture. It'd be too fun! And then everyone will decide who to vote for while they're drunk...

which I think is what happened in 2000 anyway.