September 7th, 2004


website update

latest e-mail from my fantastic host:

"Advicenators has been suspended because it was crashing the server with massive MySQL usage,

Thank you for allowing me to work with you!"

I fired back a TON of questions just now, because let's face it, that e-mail leaves much to be desired. I think the big question I need to ask is how to get my fucking money back, because as far as I'm concerned host gator has failed me 100%. the host business blows!

and before anyone comes up and recommends a host, you should know that I go with recommended hosts, and this crap happens to me. just because it works for grandma millie's homepage doesn't mean it works for my 8000 member, 70GB/month PHP monsters that I feel too guilty to pull the plug on. these are my projects, I worked hard on them, I want them to run and they can't... it's depressing. excessive SQL? what's excessive? with no monitoring being shown to me, I never know. how many queries is too many? is it how the databases are indexed? I've tried to research and minimize trauma to the server but it hasn't helped, I guess.

roadkill on the information superhighway

let's pretend you go to the grocery store, buy a bag of chips, open the bag and find it empty. so you take it back to the store and ask what's wrong and they're like, "Wait... we didn't think you'd eat the chips, at least not all of them! People don't just eat all the chips!"

well that's why is down, and will be down for a while. because if I give it a bag of chips, it EATS THE FUCKING CHIPS. same with advicenators.

hostgator says I was using entirely too much CPU resources. yes, I purchased a hosting plan that offered 100GB/month, but their servers can't actually handle a website that pulls 100GB/month. that requires CPU resources, I guess, I don't know anything about servers really, I just read my e-mail.

if I knew other languages, I'd say WTF??? in all of them. BUT I don't. and I'm too tired and frustrated to look at hosting plans, so I'm spending my evening eating ice cream and posting shit on hosting forums about hostgator, because I can.

as for my websites... rest assured they're safe, backed up on my hard drive, sitting in little folders. cold. homeless. databases full of members with no place to go.

but I don't want your pity!

(or maybe I do want your pity?)

I don't know. I'm really proud of my websites, you know that? I am! But I don't think paying more money will save them, nor will changing hosts again and again. I'll just have to luck out somehow, I guess.

until then, and are down indefinitely.

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