September 6th, 2004


here's a glowing review of a host

so I got a new hosting plan for (& other websites) - I went with this company called hostgator because they seemed like a big enough company to deal with me if I needed to expand. They also had good prices and reviews around the internet were really great.

but guess what? they suspended my account. I signed up for hosting SIX DAYS AGO, just got my sites transferred over, and now I'm suspended. and their magical 24-hour support can't do squat. the live chat support person on the other end just says "please e-mail", and she can't tell me why my account was suspended or how to get it back, and there's no answer on phone support. I just have to wait for this e-mail to come back.

sometimes I just want to leave the whole internet, because wherever I set up my websites, I end up getting screwed. I paid $50 for six days worth of hosting. it's not worth it for all this... I've worked for days getting databases transferred over, the forums were going fine, advicenators was going fine, it looked like I'd find a good way out of this...

but i'm cursed. this really ruins my day.


I'm back online. I got this e-mail: "It should be unsuspended now, we thought there was a spammer coming off of
it and we had to suspend it to verify that it wasnt."

WTF? like they don't have my phone number? they couldn't just call me and ask, "are you a spammer?" no, I guess the thing to do was to suspend my account, scare the shit out of me, don't tell me what's going on.... grumble grumble grumble. I'll give them credit... I am pretty hard to get to via e-mail, but that's no excuse.