August 31st, 2004



there's this nice function in php called date(). when you use it, it converts the bunch of numbers to any date format you want (24 APR 04 or April 24, 2004 or whatever). Since it's used to keep track of times on computer-related stuff, the times are stored as the number of seconds since 1970. Consequently, if you accidently give it a 0 and tell it to give you the time, it gives you December 31, 1969, because that's the date one second before 1970.

I accidently did this on advicenators and the kids were asking how a column could be "last updated" in 1969, and I had to explain to them that I'd accidently given the date() functions a 0 and that Wednesday, December 31 1969 was when time began, so that's what we got. It's the lowest possible date. Everything before 1969 is fake, and if they had suspected that their parents were never children or adolescents but were born straight into adulthood, they were right.

I think they believe me, as well they should. good times.

I'm watching the republican national convention. It's nice. I like republicans. I wish their platform wasn't so anti-gay and anti-abortion and anti-stem cell research. What they're saying sounds so nice and american and true, not like the democrats, who just yammer on about what they could be doing but didn't on the last presidency and probably won't at their next one, either. sigh.