August 19th, 2004



i'd forgotten how totally harsh the media is to olympic athletes...

interviewer dude: so tell us, how does it feel to be a total loser?
athlete: well, I am a silver medalist, life could be worse.
interviewer dude: whatever. you choked, we have it on tape and will show it on national television.
athlete: but I got a personal best.
interviewer dude: you're the shame of your family and country.

and so on. they do it every year, it's just kinda funny. cool media thing of the games though: who else watched that women's swimming relay and saw the anchor beat that semi-transparent world record line chasing her down the pool? cool as hell! I love it! I also love the blinky hats on the fencers.

(these things comfort me while I wait for track to come on, which is really the point of the whole thing, but I'd go all nutty if that's all I thought about)

all the bad-assness inspired me to work out. yes, I really did... I went to the GYM and lifted weights and did the eliptical machine for 20 minutes. I hurt everywhere the next day, but I can say that I did it, so go me. I'm going to exercise every week. twice a week. I'm going to be tough again.