August 16th, 2004



I'm going to make my own series of workout videos where the entire set can be done in a space no longer than the average human armspan and no wider than the average human. It'll be a huge hit among the young, apartment-renting crowd because we don't have basements and even when we do re-arrange furniture there's no place to put it.  We see these people on T.V. on cushioned mats in the middle of, like, shea stadium, moving back and forth, turning in wide circles, doing yoga poses that require an acre to stretch out in.  It's just not practical.

speaking of wide open spaces though, guess what I did yesterday?  looked at houses!  yes, I finally got inspired.  I kidnapped the wife of a coworker (one who's trying to talk said coworker into the idea of a new house, by the way) and off we went for two hours of one open house adventure after another.  We went to the riverside area of Wichita, which is not an area I'd want to live in because  even though it's near the downtown area, it's far from every highway or even decently fast road you'd want to be on.  But it was perfect to start looking.  I was really glad I had someone with me, because the whole idea of owning a house has become so huge and romantically wonderful in my mind I see no wrong with any structure that has a "FOR SALE" sign by it.  I'd walk in and just start beaming... "Oh! Look!  Skylights!  I love this place I must live here!" and she'd grab me back down to earth... "uh, the ceiling is water damaged around those and this whole place smells like cigarrettes and cat pee."  right, good point.

We were looking at older houses, and I decided that as long as I could find a place that wasn't falling apart, I really want an older house.  I loved the wood floors, the cool little nooks and crannies.  It stinks that people didn't invent reasonably sized kitchens until the late 80's (what's up with that?) but I don't like cooking anyway, so as long as there's some pantry space and a dishwasher I'll go with it.  I also decided that I need three bedrooms, a wide front porch (facing east), a fenced yard, a garage, 1.5-2 bathrooms and enormous windows.  If I get five roommates I'll be able to afford it.