August 15th, 2004


saturday night

my family is consistently appalled that I'm not down here living the single-party-girl lifestyle that I should be. I think my parents might just have a rose-colored memory of what singlehood really means, since they've been married so long I just think of them as being born that way. Between work, school, church, and politics I just don't have that many free nights to go running around town downing cosmos like I'm an HBO series. Yes, the life would be fun, but things just aren't going that way.

So, I personally know three (3) young single girls in this city, who I called up last night just to prove to myself that I do make an effort. Two didn't answer or reply to my messages, the other had out-of-town guests coming in and couldn't go out. See what I get for trying?

I did leave the apartment anyway to go to this art show I read about it the paper. busychild424's photos were on display, although I didn't know I was seeing fellow-livejournaller work until I came home and saw it on wichitalife. Go figure. I was there more to see the oil painters... I met Cody Kiser there and he's a dear. we had an interesting brief discussion on feminist interpretation; it's too bad he doesn't live in wichita anymore. At least he visits us. was really really tempted to buy up this piece but I resisted, because textbooks and a TI-89 titanium graphing calculator just ate through the monthly budget.