August 14th, 2004


maggot punks

and now I'd like to show you all a website: . The Maggot Punks are a group of loyal Wichita citizens who started as volunteers, helping escort women from their cars to health clinics. since abortions were performed at said health clinics, protesters would block gates and be general assholes and shout mean things at everyone... their name was given to them on such an occasion. I was going to wait to link to their site until after the re-designed it, because right now they use terrible yellow text on this pattered gray background and you can't read anything, but if you cut-copy-paste it to a text editor you can and it's funny as hell. they make fun of fundamentalists, mostly. they aren't very nice to those of us who believe in God, which is unfortunate, but that's really why I call myself a Christian: to prove to people who stand up for justics (like mp) that some Christians stand up for justice, too.

it's a good site for anyone who's ever wanted to run up to a fundamentalist and ask, "If gays will lead to the downfall of society but abortion is murder, is it still okay to abort a gay fetus?" the maggot punks have. yup. that's why they're spacefem's livejournal's website of the day.

now, back to cleaning my apartment...