August 5th, 2004


kids, kansas, after work plans

I got this angry e-mail from a parent, critisizing me because her 10-year-old daughter was on and there were topics discussed that were not appropriate for children.

I told her that since her little angel clicked a box that said "I am 13 years old" (as required for registration), I'm not the one who should be concerned about things that are inappropriate. I'd say lying is worse than allowing sex talks any day of the week, wouldn't you?

in other news, missouri banned gay marriage and Kansas isn't even voting on the idea this year! for everyone who thinks we're the most conservative state in the nation, I believe you can all eat it now.

I was going to go exercize but *someone* called and offered to take me out to dinner. oh, darn, can't exercize now, no time! life's tough. to be honest I didn't feel like working out anyway. we're on overtime this week again and I've been getting home later and later, it's really miserable. the work goes fast because we're busy as hell, but it's just more hours... I dunno, I know there are bazillions of people who work 50 hour weeks pretty regularly and I shouldn't whine. I guess I'm spoiled.