July 22nd, 2004


the social hour

when I moved over to the new building, I was kind of excited because there were more women on my floor. When I first started my job there were only like three, and so I'd go weeks without talking to another female, which gets you down after a while.

I've figured out something very bad though: I no longer have my "own" bathroom. What's worse, the women in the office have all developed the tendency to catch up on every aspect of one another's lives during, you guessed it, bathroom social conversations.

yeah. i have to use the bathroom, I go in there, and there's three women just standing around the sinks talking about who likes who's outfit that day.

I kind of complained to some coworkers and learned that this is not a problem men have. they go in, do their thing, get out. maybe they're not as social. maybe their bathroom smells worse. either way, they can relate to me being annoyed in that "we laugh with you!" kinda way but don't have to suffer through it themselves.

I mean, when I'm in the bathroom washing my hands I want to get them washed and leave, not stand there for 12 more minutes wasting time on small talk!

and if that's not reason enough, I feel just a little inhibited sometimes using the bathroom for its intended purpose when there's all these other people in there, not using the bathroom for its intended purpose.

I can think of ways to clear them all out of there, but I hate to go to extreme measures. and the question plagues my mind... are women just supposed to always love chatting no matter what? what sort of freak am I who's too antisocial to see the fun in this?