July 21st, 2004


cut to the chase

Queer as Folk and ER and all these shows are jumping on the gay marriage bandwagon. preachy cliches, random unlikely situations, all this crud to show us that Hollywood knows how government should work.

It's annoying because first, I hate being preached at and second, it's not going to change anybody's mind. You can't tell a fundamentalist, "Well, what if they gay people have a baby and then one dies and the other can't take care of it and..." blah blah blah. Fundamentalists don't think gays should have children in the first place, what's going to sway them there? "Well, if Britney Spears can get married and screw it up, why can't everyone?" Who ever said Britney Spears was a prize to look up to?

It's just like the Christians who say we should believe in God because "what if you died and went to hell and God didn't know you because you didn't believe..." yeah, well, if you don't believe in God, chances are you're not going to believe in Hell, either.

I wish people would quit copping out of everything and looking for these random reasons to believe in what they believe in. It doesn't get anywhere, all it makes is a deeper tunnel for everyone to burrow into, so the cultures are always at war.

I believe in God because He's there. That's it.

I'm glad we went to war in Iraq because Saddam Hussein was a mass-murdering fuckhead. I don't care about all the back and forth political reports and people firing off at one another. It's done, no matter what the reasons, we have to look at our situation now.

Gays should be able to get married because they want to and because it doesn't hurt anybody. If that's not a good enough reason, there's a problem with this society that needs addressed for everyone.

People spend too much time running in circles and making up excuses and picking sides and flinging mud. Too much time with political, administrative bullshit. Yes, I know it's how the world is, but it frustrates me that nobody can stop and be in the other side's shoes and think about what really needs to be said here. just my opinion.