July 8th, 2004


Spacefem and the sodomite agenda

Since I support gay marriage, both my congressman and senator have told me that I'm trying to destroy marriage. I got to thinking about it earlier this week while out buying a gift for a wedding I'm going to... does the happy couple know that I'm trying to destroy marriage? Should I include a note: "Dear loving couple, I wish you the best but Tiahrt thinks you'll get a divorce if gays start getting married, so you'd better keep the gift reciept for this thing handy."

In other news, I got some really fucking scary e-mails from a crazy fundamentalist. I haven't talked that much on my website about my liberal views lately, but I do mention it, so the other day I open my e-mail and get this:
LIBERAL CHRISTIANS are mentioned in the bible;   THEY have a form of GODLINESS but deny the power thereof Collapse )