June 26th, 2004



I don't journal anymore! oh the guilt - I was just talking to mikey about it last night. why is it that it suddenly takes dicipline to write in this thing? I must be really distracted.

I'm going to keep blaming summer. I love it. I was just thinking about it last night, after running some errands and driving back home around 9:00, watching the pink and orange sky as the sun set slooowly. I love summer. I'd been to the office store to scan prints, to the bank to cash a check, the quick trip where I'd gotten gas and a slushie and a taquito and cashed in a WINNING LOTTERY TICKET! Yes, yours truly is $6 richer... I used part of it for the slushie and taquito though so I'm really only $4 richer, but it's the idea.

I love scratch-off lotto tickets and summer.

the apartment is sort of almost reshaping. I've got stuff out of boxes and mostly put away. I bought new office furniture last weekend and it rocks. I finally have a file drawer. filing isn't all that exciting, but it gets junk out of the way. I like it. I don't love it.

I love summer.