June 18th, 2004


and now we put things in cardboard!

I told a co-worker that I'd started packing and he was like, "Oh perfect timing! There's an NRA convention coming up if you want to come with us!" um, no honey...

Normally I'd really try to skim down and clean, but I've got the Man helping me, and the Man happens to be one of the worst pack-rats on the face of the earth. We keeping having these conversations like...

him: You're throwing Legolas away?!

me: No, I'm throwing away the box Legolas came in. Legolas is right there, he'll make it just fine.

him: But he's not worth anything without the original packaging!

me: He's an elf, not my retirement plan. I wasn't planning to e-baying him and nothing is going to change that... he'll just have to be happy being exposed to the harsh elements of my room like he was before.

and so on and so on. I was raised by my mother, an organization diva, and have a full understanding of just how great life can be when you part with all your old crap. the rest of the planet isn't so lucky.

there are three things I obsessively horde:
1) cat5 ethernet cables
2) coasters
3) adhesive glowing stars

I feel okay with this. Everything on the list is still small and useful. Everything not on the list, I could part with in a blink. now that's women's lib! okay, I'm more inspired now, back to the packing.