June 17th, 2004


dirty laundry

So it looks like I'm going to be in a pretty unstable living arrangement for a while... I arranged to rent a townhome with a girl but she's afraid her place of employment might shut down, in which case she'll skip wichita. I told her we should just move in anyway. Life is an adventure, yes?

I was really looking forward to buying a washer and dryer, because this place has hook-ups, but if she leaves and I have to go back to a one bedroom apartment I'll have a washer & dryer to lug around. this sucks. so I get the bright idea to just rent one! it'll be great - some guys will come set it up, I'll pay like $20 a month, some guys will come take it when I don't want it anymore!

No such luck. As it turns out, there's no such thing as just renting a washer/dryer, you have to "rent to own". And it's not $20 a month, it's more like $80, and that's the price for their crappiest one. EGAH! I called three places and that's just the going price.

And to make matters stupider, not only is the going price $80 a month but the going "time until ownership" is 24 months! So not only can I not rent because it's way too much money, I can't rent on principle because by doing so I'm supporting a business that would make some poor uneducated people pay $2000 for a $300 appliance.

I guess my question now is who the hell would ever rent to own anything. The fact that these places are all in business just shakes my faith in humanity on many levels. oh well.

I might just commit to buying the washer and dryer. I was afraid to, but hell, knowing what I know now I think if I ever don't have a place for it, I'll just try to rent it out.