June 15th, 2004


(no subject)

I haven't been updating the journal much this month. It's not really that life is boring, although there are days like that of course, life is just... distracting? I feel busy all the time. That, and it's summer. I have more motivation to journal when it's dark and crappy out.

anyway... big exciting news! I'm getting another wisdom tooth! yes! Just when you thought our hero was getting old, it turns out she's actually young enough to teeth. I've been wondering about this one. I got my top left wisdom tooth a couple years ago and have been living this uneven life the whole time. Then the other day I just thought I felt something with my tounge and went to check out what was going on and ka-zam, tiny little toothprints where gum used to be. I've got two corners of it out now. I'm going to be symetrical!

I love my teeth. I've only had one cavity, I never had braces, there's been room for my wisdom teeth. They're almost perfect except for the fact that I broke some in a bike accident when I was a kid. eh, those are the memories you treasure later. sort of.