May 18th, 2004



took my final for my class today... yay! summer vacation! back to only having the 40 hour a week job! I don't feel really great about the final, it was kind of random. We got to use a sheet of notes but as luck would have it there were some key concepts that didn't make my sheet because I just didn't expect them. damn.

i've got this sinking feeling too that it's Not Really Over. I mean, not only did the class suck, but I've got to retain all of that for the next one, which will be next spring, because in the fall i'm signed up to take differential equations. now there's a class that will probably inspire some drinking.

I've got to review calculus this summer. My last math class was in the fall of 1999. It could be worse, I know.

I should go running but I've got nasty blisters on my feet from last time. Not cool.

Hey - can I just mention that if you know me in real life, summer would be a good time to visit? I'm serious, you people gripe, bitch and complain that I'm not in Kansas City enough, but who ever comes to wichita? There's fun stuff to do here! Our zoo is better, our shopping is... available, you can hang out with the famous spacefem. it's summer vacation, make exotic wichita your destination! i've been feeling like saying that for a while, it just never quite got out until now.