May 3rd, 2004



I woke up this morning at 3 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep, it was awful. So I putzed around until it was time to go to work. Of course then I felt sleepy. Darn it all.

After work today some missionaries came and knocked on my door. I didn't answer. I don't like talking to the Mormons about faith. They study the Bible so much more than the average Christian, you can't debate them. You can't tell them that you already have a church, they want to tell you about the Book of Mormon, which I really think is a hallucination. I know there are mormons reading this journal though so I'd better shut it.

In a way it was nice to have young people knock on my door for a selfless cause though. We get all these kids soliciting, trying to sell magazines or random stuff out of a box, explaining that if you help them they can win a trip to Jamaica or something. It's a bunch of crap. Why would I buy crap so you can go to Jamaica, kid?

Once some kids knocked and asked me if I was old enough to vote, and I said yes, and I was excited because maybe they were doing political canvassing. Nope. I just had to be 18 to buy whatever they were selling. It's a sick sad world.

I should knock on doors and just say hey. "Hi, I'm your neighbor, I'm not selling anything or preaching anything it's just that I've lived next door to you for eight months now and I only know the name of your dog."