April 25th, 2004


art auction

Went to visit family in topeka this weekend and while I was there my sister and I went to an art auction benefitting the YWCA Battered Women's Task Force. It was great, I bought like five pieces of art, including this huge gorgeous oil painting and a gorgeous porcelin vase. Stuff was going really cheap, which is too bad because it was for such a good cause. It was a blast though. I haven't been to many auctions. I want to see them all now, bidding is fun, taking stuff home is fun, the whole bit was just fantastic. and I got to meet the artists! clinton marstall did my oil painting, he just graduated and is headed on to post-graduate art school stuff so go him.

it would suck to be an artist in kansas. I paid like $100 for this painting. it'd go for 15 times that in a city where people cared about art. good place to buy art though.

in the morning i woke up and went to a coffee shop to get some studying done. I can't study in my apartment. I end up rationalizing, "20 minutes and I'll let myself check my e-mail again..." and nothing happens. so I sat and drank coffee and listened to this absolutely crazy guy torture the coffee shop owner. the poor coffee shop owner seemed to know the guy, know he was lonely, but didn't want to talk to him because he was just disturbed. he kept telling awful jokes about catholics, and when the owner told him to stop he'd be like, "Why do you care? You aren't even religious!" and the owner couldn't explain that you just don't tell bigotted jokes to anyone, whether they're part of the target group or not.

I'm so glad I don't work retail or anything having to do with the public. so many disturbed people who need help are out on the streets, every day, buying coffee.

speaking of bigots, I drove down a street and sure enough, the Westboro baptist folks were out there with their signs, in front of a presbyterian church this week. God Hates Fags, Fags Burn in Hell, Thank God for AIDS. Just hanging out, like it's an everyday fun way to spend a weekend. It sounds disturbing when you read about it, but when you actually see it it doesn't feel disturbing, it feels weird, like an oddity, a really horribly rotten apple in the middle of the otherwise healthy grocery produce section. You think, "What put that there? What's its story?" Then you start to feel sad. But it's so shocking, it takes a good 10-15 minutes to get over just processing it.