April 21st, 2004


misc update-worthy facts

The guys who sit around me usually listen to headphones while they work, which is nice because then I'm free to talk to myself without them hearing. Today for some reason they weren't listening to their headphones, they were just working, and listening to me talk to myself, which I tried *really hard* to not do but I couldn't help it. Kind a force of habit.

Coworkers were a bit freaked out. Hey, I'm busy, I have to work fast, everybody has to help out (hands, feet, brain, voice). I stick post-its to myself. I hold papers in my lap and on the floor. I fly. And yes, I talk to myself, and one of the guys said that I should maybe look into some medication for that, which I think is fabulous because let's face it, you're a really boring person if no one has ever recommended that you go on medication, yes?

Watched some Jerry Springer last night by mistake. It was like a train wreck. I bet I haven't seen that show in years. This kid was there to tell his girlfriend he'd been pimping out her sister. It was glorious.

It's spring. I feel so good. My skin looks good, my hair looks good, I have no idea why we're forced to live through so many winters in our lives. They're stupid. I guess it makes spring that much more important but I don't think I'd mind if I never experienced cold weather again. I am truly not made for it.

oh, other cool thing from today: I was reading my recentest issue of BUST and there in the back where they're talking about music was a write-up on everybody's favorite rock star ainjel! (also http://doityerdamnself.net/ainjel/). She kicked me off her friends list long ago (not cool enough, was depressed but I delt) but her music is awesome and she's in BUST now so I guess she's hit the big time. Check her out, everybody!