April 17th, 2004


service guilt

I had a coupon to get my tires rotated and balanced for cheap, so I took my car in yesterday. The guy at the counter was like, "How often do you have your tires rotated?"

"How often do you recommend?" I asked.

"Every 6,000 miles."

"I've been having mine rotated... not every 6,000 miles."

He looks at me like I've run over a puppy or something, I'm a bad tire owner, I've neglected. Hey, at least it's happening! I check the pressure all the time. I know people who think they rotate their tires every time they drive and that's enough.

So, take your car for maintenance, get guilt over not doing enough maintenance. I'll have to start lying to those people now. For the record, I already lie to my dentist about flossing daily (it's at least weekly or monthly) and I lie to my OBGYN about monthly self-breast exams, and I lie to the chick at Victoria's Secret about having "just been measured last time I was in, really."

I don't think all this is fair because I'm an engineer, I don't work with different people who I can make feel guilty all the time about something. What am I going to say? "Ah, a drawing for me to check over. Have you been monitoring the printer toner levels?"