April 12th, 2004


women and shopping

I heard this story on the radio today about how women are starting to spend money on palm pilots and other technology instead of clothes, and it's hurting clothing sales. Sales had been going up, especially since so many stores started stocking plus sizes. This year, as more and more stores stock larger sizes, plus size sales are leveling off (maybe because there's finally enough clothes for plus size and you were depriving them before? no!)

I'm not plus sized so it's really annoyed me how the stores just suddenly decided to "notice" one more spectrum of women's sizes. They still haven't noticed mine, that's for sure.

Men's clothes are sold in inches, and have multiple measurements (eg, waist and inseam). Women's are sold in random numbers (8, 10, 12) and are generally one-size fits all, although some stores have average and petite, and several sell pants in talls, but that usually means a 32" inseam which doesn't cut it for yours truly. Shirts are never sold in talls.

Even perfectly normal sized women (I admit I'm a freak) express frustration at the way our clothes are sized. And manufacturers are wondering why we're taking our shopping sprees to circuit city? We're sick of their stupid double standards in clothing, sick of men getting logical measurements, while we're told to just fit into the trend this season. one year, the stores decide to dip into the petite market. the next, it's plus size.

it's never just women.

After trying on clothes and fighting with online retailers and getting pissed because everyone decided the "well above the knee" skirt would be in again this year (please), I decided there was only one size I cared about: 100 watts per channel. My money did go to electronics, just like th clothing retailers are afraid of now.

They won't wake up to it and ask us what we want though. Hell would have to freeze over for that. They'll just keep trying to tell us what we should buy. sick sad world.