April 5th, 2004



I really want a dog. Really, really.

I always thought before that it'd be bad to get one in an apartment, but everywhere I look there are these articles about good apartment dogs and training dogs for apartments and how some types of dogs aren't even meant to be outside all day, little cute fluffy things that just need to lounge and go for a jog after work like me. I've got neighbors with dogs.

So I've been looking at http://www.petfinder.org/ which is just too fun a site, it shows all these pictures of baby puppies in animal shelters in your area... they need homes!

I visited a friend this weekend who had a puppy. A laborador. Not the kind of puppy I'm getting, obviously, this one is eight months old and weighs more than half of what I weigh and it's a freaking spaz, they don't exercise it near enough and they haven't trained it, which is sad. It thinks it's a cute little lap dog which is funny. I'm serious, I was sitting down and it tried to jump up and sit in my lap to be petted. BIG PUPPY. Cute though.

Anyway I would take care of my puppy... I'd buy it lots of toys and we'd go to all the obedience training classes. We'd go running in the park and I'd teach it to catch a frizbee. Or a ball. Or at least go get a ball. Hell, I can't even catch a frizbee. And I'd wash my puppy all the time so it would be beautiful.

I read this article in Ms. that a woman wrote about her dog, and how wonderful it is to have one. She had pictures of her dog in the article. Its name was Rose. Awe.

There are just all these dogs in the shelters that have no one to love them! It's so sad! I love them all... I've wanted a dog since I was like five and I've never had one. I'm so deprived.