April 2nd, 2004



i can't back this up scientifically, but it seems like my livejournal friends list is always just sillier on fridays. you know? less philosophy. less tragic decision-making. more weird news stories and thoughts on why "baroque" is such a funny word.

so along those lines, i bought some cheese cubes at the store. you know, cheese, cut into cubes. on the front of the package it says "Great for snacking!" I think it's sort of annoying that a company thinks I can't figure out for myself what's great for snacking and what isn't. I mean, the whole point of snacking is that you eat whatever you damn well feel like, right? Only certain foods are great for breakfast, or formal dinner parties, or eating in your car, but when it comes to "snacking" isn't everything fair game? might as well put "Great for eating!" on the front of the cheese package.

I think just to rebel I'm going to try to find a food that isn't great for snacking, and have it later as a snack. Can't think of anything right this second though.