March 28th, 2004


feminism and stay-at-home moms

I hate it when people judge what they think of a side's opinions by listening to what the other side tell them. Make sense? For instance, if you disagree with Christians because we're all intolerant and self-righteous, and you think this because athiests have told you that we're all intolerant and self-righteous, it might do you some good to ask some of us how we really feel or look up some websites and judge for yourself. Likewise, don't let the democrats tell you what the republicans think. Don't let the logging industry tell you what environmentalists think.

And please, please, please, don't let non-feminists tell you what feminists think. 100% of the people I've met who didn't like feminists had opinions about us based totally on what non-feminists had told them: we all think women are superior, families are oppressive, and men are evil. I ran across one stay-at-home mom recently (online) who said she felt she had to be an anti-feminist because we'd all think she was a victim of oppression because she chose to stay at home with her kids. This is exactly what every anti-feminist wants people like her to think. If you, as a woman, are not running for president, you've let us all down.

So just to bring light to the situation, here's what I, a feminist, think of stay at home moms. Collapse )