March 27th, 2004



There's this psychiatry center downtown that I drive by sometimes. They have this big sign out front that says "COUNCELING: DEPRESSION ANXIETY SELF-ESTEEM" I guess self-esteem is just as bad as depression and anxiety... who knew?

We went camping last night. Down to Oklahoma to ride around in dune buggies in the sand... there were a million people there. In the middle of the campgrounds there are clean restrooms, with sinks and mirrors and toilet paper, it's a nice campground. The only thing funny about the restrooms is that every time we've been down there, no matter what time of morning I wake up, there are 2-3 girls in there with curling irons plugged in, doing their hair and putting on makeup.

If you feel the need to take time, while camping, to do your hair and makeup, I think that's a sign of a serious psychological issue. It's raining, muddy, there are campfires everywhere making everyone smell like smoke, drunk guys, and everyone is riding around on noisy four-wheelers and stuff... what about that makes any logical woman think, "lipstick!"

nothing, if you're a woman I can relate to. I forgot my hairbrush... no big deal. I didn't need to brush my hair. As it was, I didn't need to do anything; I slept. While the friends hung out way after midnight around a fire cooking hot dogs, I for some reason found myself in a tent sleeping like a rock. I was basically on the cold hard ground and I didn't care. I haven't slept all week. I've been waking up at all hours, getting funny ideas in my head or remembering something scary I'd seen, and it's kept me up. For some reason when I got out and left town and went outside, nothing kept me awake, the world was a thousand miles away.