March 16th, 2004

senior project

surround sound II

Attempts to purchase a home theater system were unsuccessful and I'm very depressed. I thought after work tonight, I'd just go get one. I was hoping ultimate electronics would have what I wanted, but nothing was *quite* right. They had a nice set of infinity speakers plus a receiver for $1000 but hell, I would have had to borrow a friend's truck to get the set home, and then where would I put it? Little apartment, little room. I want quality sound but I'm not willing to give away my end tables to make room for speakers.

So I went back to circuit city, because they'd had some nice packages, walked in and played with the knobs and turned stuff up. They had a sony one, I liked the controls on the receiver but it didn't sound quite right. I was going to ask someone for a different demo CD or something, but you know what? No one bothered to come by and help out. Not a single employee within a 30ft radius of me, and I'm there for like 20 minutes. I realize I'm not buying the farm here, but you'd think someone could help me out. Playing with a $600 system should be enough of an indication that I'm worth at least five minutes of time. I hate electronics stores that hire nothing but punk kids to do sales. They suck.

I'm not sure where else to go. Best Buy didn't have much. I need a receiver and speakers. I want to spend $500-$1000. That's a tough range... I'm starting to think I should just give up. Everything is either $200 for the whole set or $5000 for a system that simulates carnegie hall to perfection. Hell.

So I came home, ate some food, and now I'm listening to music on my computer as always. I have nice computer speakers that I got for like $80. I guess that's why I never understood why home audio was so damn complicated... computer stuff just happens.