March 15th, 2004



I just want to say that I'm sick of seeing people acting happy that Martha Stewart has lost everything she's worked for. Did she tell some lies? Yes. So have a lot of poeple. But who the hell did she actually hurt? Did she tell lies that robbed thousands of workers of their retirement funds? Did she kill anyone, rape anyone, run over somebody in car? Drive drunk? Burn a house down? The woman has done little more than most CEOs in the world, and a LOT less than your average politician, and she takes the fall.

For some reason, whan a man rises to the top of a company, we all run out to buy his book. But Martha Stewart was labeled a bitch from day one. I'm not the only one saying this either. Hey, I had my time of resenting Martha Stewart. I thought her homemade marshmellows were impractical just like everyone else. But I bought her bedspread and curtains and bathroom set.

Women are either supposed to be sexy or tragic, no in-between. The eyes of the media demand it, and the eyes of the law are effected by it. Someone step up and try to deny this one, please... if you do a good job, I'll actually feel better about the world right now, so I really don't mind the debate that much.