March 12th, 2004

senior project

computer is back

After I wrote Wednesday's journal entry dark streaks came up across my monitor where lines of text were. Bad thing. I opened the case, my chipset fan wasn't running, my video card fan wasn't running very fast. The screen got darker.

SO... you're thinking, "Well Spacefem's a smart girl right? She bought herself a new fan and a new video card, since the one she's got is old."

No, I bought two new fans.

So you're thinking, "Okay, so the fans went on and everything was fine?"

No, I screwed up the video card fan by not properly cleaning the chip, so the adhesive on the fan picked up residue and fell off.

So you're thinking... "wow, spacefem is dumb."

Basically. But at least the mainboard chipset is being fanned again, and I bought a new video card tonight, a GeForce2 MX. It's nice. Everything is fine now. I haven't booted to windows to load those drivers, but when I started up Linux it just booted to YaST and was like, "Whoh... this is a GeForce2 MX you got here." and I was like, "Yeah, I know." and YaST was like, "Just making sure." and we continued into normal Linux happiness.

I spent $15 on a fan and almost another $8 on thermal compound to *maybe* save that old GeForce 256. Silliness. The new card was less than $50. I guess I could have gone ahead and spent the money to save the old card, but to be honest the time was getting to me. Three computer-less days. Stress.