February 28th, 2004


saturday is motivation day

this quiz had questions that made me laugh, so it gets posted:

You are Amiga OS. Ahead of your time.  You keep a lot of balls in the air.  If only your parents had given you more opportunities to suceed.
Which OS are You?

in other news, I have a big old test in my circuits class next thursday. I have no idea how it's going to go. That's nice, isn't it? Every time I think I might have this class figured out things turn around and I realize I had it all wrong. dang it.

it's supposed to be a nice day. I need to stay in and do homework. If I leave the apartment, it's because I need to rotate my tires. Must fight against urges to go shopping or sit and mess with computer all day. So far this hasn't been successful. I've done like one homework problem. I got to the second one and didn't know how to do it so I gave up and windexed my coffee table instead.

my coffee table is looking really good now. I like using windex on glass. it's fulfilling. other cleaning things, like running the vacuum and tilexing bathroom mildew and scrubbing the kitchen floor would go in the "i hate doing this" category. and dusting, dusting definately sucks.

i'm goin' to wichita

I just had a stupid memory I remembered that I was going to share with the group.

A friend and I were watching the grammys a few weeks back or whatever. We aren't much into popular music so it was rather educational. Anyway, this band comes on, The White Stripes, and they start playing a song I recognize, and I'm like, "Hey, this is the 'I'm going to Wichita song!'" He recognizes it too. We didn't know it was a real song, we thought it was like, some crazy local band giving mad props to the homiez on fly 92.7 (wichita's party station, in case you didn't know, it fucking rules).

But then in the middle of the song the band changed and launched into something else. They never sang the part about going to Wichita. We were dissapointed.

Then we were like like, "Maybe the song we're thinking of is just a radio version for this area. Maybe when they play the song in San Francisco, they're going to San Francisco, stuff like that."

whoh. tricky. I don't doubt it though. technology is evolving every day. the rockstars could have girlfriends in nine different countries and just write one song for all of them and they'd never know about it. sure would fool the ones in wichita, I can say that.