February 20th, 2004

senior project

e-mail in the wrong hands

The number of SPAM messages I get a day blows my mind, and here's why. I don't understand who's sending it. Honestly.

Let's say you've got e-mail addresses and you want to make some money so you sell some products. Hey, we've all gotta make a living. Then you go to a dinner party, and someone asks what you do for a living, and you say, "Oh, I send people e-mails trying to sell them herbal viagra. only I spell it "h3rbal v1agra" so it'll get through their filters. I'm so crafty like that!"

Then the people at the dinner party would beat you with chairs and stab shards of glass into your eyes, because who thinks SPAM is okay?

So that's why I don't get SPAM. It's not that so much that I don't get the people who send it, it's that I don't understand the people who don't kick their asses for sending it. Sort of a... friends don't let friends send SPAM sort of thing.

And speaking of morons with e-mail, I got a forward today from an accquaintence of mine that was an e-mail written by the president of applebee's. If I in turn forwarded the e-mail to exactly eight of my closest friends, I'd get a $50 gift certificiate, because Applebee's was testing some new e-mail tracking software.

If that wasn't a flashback to fall 1999, I don't know what is. bad forwards never die.

The sender added a comment... the typical, "I know this is probably a hoax, but just in case..."

So I sent him back a comment... "I hope ALL MY RESPECT FOR YOU was worth a chance at a $50 gift certificate. Because you blew it now."

stupid people. okay, I guess I do understand SPAM now.