February 11th, 2004


small comforts and larger stresses

this boston cream pie flavored yoplait is quite tasty. i think it's my new second favorite yogurt flavor, right behind cherry cheesecake.

I'm kinda doing homework right now. It's freaking painful. It's taking forever. I can't believe I actually did this stuff in college. I'm not going to survive. I woke up scared to death the other night because I'd had a nightmare that I was enrolled in more than one college course. It was awful.

speaking of college, my hairdresser is getting her degree now so she can move on from the world of hairdressing after a while. I'm proud of her, I really am, but it's like, "Crap, WHAT? You're supposed to just cut my hair! I tip well, don't I? And I don't request anything weird, most of the time it's just trims! JUST TRIMS!" When I moved to Wichita it took me like six months to find a church, four to find a running trail I liked, and I never did find a fantastic grocery store. But one trip to this random hairdresser and I was totally happy. I've never even had a hairdresser who I stayed with for this long. I figured we were set and we'd grow old together. but such is life. Well, I have her still for a little while longer. Must treasure the good times as always.

Everyone at work is talking about how they're so glad February has only two weeks left because then we'll be to March, which is when spring is, and it's warm. How do people forget about how WINTER works? We have some of our worst snowstorms in March! There's no safety, no spring! I mean, technically I guess if you're a pagan you can celebrate something in march but we're not feeling anything, kids. Still going to be cold and crappy every day. This is the world we live in!

It's the homework that's making me bitter.