February 4th, 2004


friends groups

seems like since the lj codes went away I've been earning friends at a faster rate, which is nice, but I depend on friends groups to keep people straigh. so I'd really appreciate it if you'd all take this poll:


many of you have already taken it, but you can always change your answers, I guess.

oh, and while I'm talking about friends groups, for those who don't know "groups" are ways to categorize friends so you can only read their journals or only post so they can read it... quite nice. I bring this up because people keep doing that annoying "friends list pruning" because their lists are too big to read everyone's journals... c'mon, that's no fun! Don't prune your friends list, just group your friends to make easier to read pages. life is a party that everyone should be invited to, that's my philosophy!

and I am very smart.