February 2nd, 2004


groundhogs, snow, fear, community

happy groundhog day, everyone!

it snowed a lot last night. not end-of-the-freaking-world snow like the weather forecasters predicted, but real snow so I had to kinda dig my car out in the morning. It did well driving in all the mess though, I must say.

Bowling for Columbine just keeps making more and more sense every day. The weather guys seriously told us we were all going to die this weekend because there were like, storms in the north poll that were somehow going to make it down and bury us so we couldn't even breath. One of the stations in wichita has color-codes each day rating our chances of bad weather... green it's going to be a nice day, yellow it could rain or something, red we're all gonna die. They talk on and on about it. I hate it. I'm sick of the media trying to make us afraid of everything, all the time. I started watching the news again when the mars rover landed, because suddenly the news each day was cool, but then it went downhill and they started talking about the "teflon flu" and SARS and airlines being under threat of terrorists and the whole bit and now I'm like, "Screw it. I'm turning it all off again."

I don't even want to talk about it, that's how sick of it all I am. so, subject change.

I started a livejournal community: adspace. it's for webmasters to get together and buy/sell/trade advertising space on each other's websites. It's really impossible to find advertisers or advertise a site for not much money. I sometimes think I might have been the only person in america rejected by google adwords because that's what everyone uses to put ads on their sites. I'm not looking to get rich or anything, I just want to make enough money to get rid of the pop-ups that everyone hates me for so much. seriously.