January 18th, 2004



I keep seeing stuff all over the media about the last season of Friends, yet I haven't talked to a single intelligent person who cares. I'm so sick of hearing about this trite soap opera moving off that I'm getting that Titanic feeling... you know, when you're watching a movie that's going way too long and the only thought in your head is "WILL YOU SINK THE DAMN SHIP ALREADY?" That's what Friends means to me. I haven't watched that show since they fired the monkey, that's how much I care about all the characters.

I am excited about Showtime's premier of "The L Word" tonight. From what I've seen it's going to be a show about real people (as opposed to Friends) with real careers (as opposed to Friends) and lives different from the ones we've been seeing portrayed on television since the invention of the cathode ray tube (again, as opposed to Friends). I kinda want to have a party and invite everyone over to celebrate the premier, but I don't think my normal Wichita friends are as excited as I am about the show considering it's mostly about lesbians, and I'm not sure what kind of food you serve for this kind of thing... I love themes but it's just so easy to cross the line with some people, you know?

Last night I watched Margaret Cho's "Notorious C.H.O." and it was awesome. She just rocks. Gets kinda preachy sometimes but I agree with everything she says so that sort of preaching isn't so bad. There's this part where she talks about how women really don't talk about their period very much at all considering how MUCH it happens... holy crap, thank you. That's just beautiful. See, good things are shown on television sometimes, that's why I can't just turn it off. I read a lot, I rent lots of movies, but when it comes down to it I love TV and really want it to be good, it's such a good idea if we just use it right.