January 17th, 2004


la vida

The AFA's marriage poll is showing that almost 67% of the population supports gay marriage or civil unions. I find this amusing. Something tells me they aren't going to send results of their poll to congress like it says on their website... but if they do, more power to them I guess.

It's raining today and I'm dragging around trying to force myself to do something functional. Clean something. Fix something. Leave the apartment. I just can't. It's the crappy weather.

I did get this new linux program kopete, configured so I can use it to IRC, ICQ, and AIM. I'm connected to all those right now... I'm seeing how long I can go on ICQ and AIM without going insane. They're funny because I don't recognise anyone on my buddy lists anymore, it's been so long since I quit chatting online.

There's like 25 people chillin' in #spacefem right now though... that's cool. I like the kopete IRC thing. you can customize the tint on the semi-transparent chat window... how cool is that? I set it to my all-time favorite color, #a7beef. I like this color because it's blue, and because it's aye-seven-beef.

watched season five of sex in the city. carrie tried to hook up with the office space guy! I was like, "No, not him, he hates his life!" It was still good though, as always.

Okay, I'm going to clean something.