January 5th, 2004



Going back to work after two weeks of sitting on your can doing nothing is downright painful. All day I felt like my brain was underclocked or something, I just couldn't get going. I survived, but it wasn't pretty and it required lots and lots of coffee.

One good thing is that it's about none degrees outside, so in a way being stuck inside a warm office is pleasant. Without work I probably wouldn't want to go do anything anyway on a day like this was. Too cold to go to the store or ride my bike or even approach a window and look outside. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. It was freezing cold.

I hung up my new calendar on my board... Fractals of the Universe. It's nice. I took some time to look at pictures from the mars rover, because really that is work related when you consider that we make airplanes and the mars rover had to fly to get to mars. And who knows, we might all be flying to mars on holidays someday... the jet industry must be prepared.

In a way it's nice to be back in the swing of things. I'm not the only one at work to think that either. As much as people love to act like they hate their jobs, a lot of us were ready to quit vacationing and start getting something done. Human's aren't like lions, we're not made to work an hour a day and lie around 80% of our lives. Our minds work much more than that.

That said, my mind is wanting to go to bed early tonight.