December 27th, 2003


(no subject)

Once again my friends dragged me out last night way past my bedtime... this time for cosmic bowling! was very fun. I'm glad they dragged me out. I bowled crappy but that's okay, it's all in fun.

Got into a conversation with them about linux distributions. See, I was in a store yesterday and my eyes fell upon SuSE 9.0 - which I didn't even know was out yet. I'm still running 7.2. Oh, the embarrassment! So I figured, "You know what'd be fun next week? A new linux installation!" and bought it. I was all excited about this but my friends all thought it was retarded, because c'mon, Linux is free, why pay $40 so you get it in a box? I was feeling dumb so this morning I posted a poll in the linux community... and kazam, 75% of linux users have at one time purchased a linux distribution with money. I am cool!

I have real problems with people who have that "Why pay for stuff? Some other dumb schmuck can do that, who isn't smart enough to steal it." mentality. It was rampant in college. Kids honestly critisized me for buying CDs and registering software, because c'mon, the really cool people "obtain" it. Load of crap if you ask me. Not only annoying, but really dangerous for society... if you live your whole life thinking that you don't have to do the right thing because someone else will, what are you going to do when you wake up one day and someone else didn't? Not that you should buy out of fear... that's no reason to do the right thing. You should just do it. I guess.

I'm not very good at convincing people of this though. I think the only solution is to make a conscious effort not to be friends with assholes, and maybe work on my other friends who bring them along. The real-life friends group is littered with people I love and people who I absolutely can't stand who just seep through the cracks as tag-alongs. Might as well make my opinions firm; I don't want to leave too much doubt about what side I'm on. Never have.

But I digress... people who download linux, that's fine, that's legal, that's the point. You're supporting it by just downloading it and trying it out... we need all the help we can get. But don't bitch at me if I feel like buying the box. And don't steal stuff that's not supposed to be free... then you're just scummy.