December 17th, 2003


people on the web

A coworker of mine was wanted to buy something on e-bay yesterday and was signing up for an account, complaining about all the info they wanted. Name, address, phone, credit card, etc. He was like, "Did you put all this stuff in?" I didn't remember. I didn't feel like I'd put in a credit card for e-bay, but come on... it was like five years ago. I was like, "Hold on... more important question, what's with you not signing up for ebay until almost the year 2004?! What rock have you been living under the past decade?" He told me he got rid of internet to his house, it just wasn't worth it.

The internet is so mainstream now I just absolutely can't relate to people who don't have some sort of life on it. So of course when he didn't want to sign up and asked if I could just get his auction item for him I refused... it's now or never, I told him.

My first "the internet is mainstream! yay!" moment came in 2000 at college... every week in the dorms I hung up "bathroom questions" in the bathroom stalls for the girls to write down answers to while they were, well, you know. Anyway, my first year as RA (1999) I hung up "What's your favorite website?" and the answers were horrible. These were girls with internet access straight to their rooms, and they were all like, "Uh... yahoo? hotmail?" Sadness. One year later the question brought totally different answers... everyone knew of random funny sites we should all go to, complete with URLs. That was 2000. This is 2004. The world, or at least the continental US, should just be internet savvy. Especially the engineers... the tech geeks... how can you be geeky and not embrace the online world? It's beautiful!

Anyway, I know I spend too much time on this computer thing but at least I'm young and fun and with the times, I feel much better about it now.