December 14th, 2003



I know cats are cute and furry and all that, but I'm terribly allergic to them. So yesterday when I went over to visit a friend, who has cats, I wasn't planning on staying too long. It's not the cat itself I'm allergic too, it's what they leave around... hair, saliva, etc. People who aren't allergic to cats never understand this. They'll put the cat in the basement and expect me to be fine, or offer a benadryl and think that'll just take care of the whole thing. It doesn't take care of it. I'm allergic to cats and nothing will change it.

So I go into the house and put my purse on the floor, and lay my mittens down beside it, because there are no cats in sight and I wasn't really thinking about them. A few minutes pass, a couple of us are talking and all that. I wasn't watching my stuff. Then I turn around and see my stuff, and there's the cat... sitting on top of one of my mittens, licking it.

I'm not kidding. Cats aren't like dogs, they don't lick things for fun all the time, but somehow cats know... they know I'm allergic to them, I'm their enemy, and if they move quietly they can sabatoge my stuff and KILL ME with no one ever knowing the culprit. I couldn't believe it and neither could my friend... he's cracking up, like, "That's so weird! I have never seen her do anything like that!" He runs over and picks up his cat, and my mitten sticks to its pink cat tounge and we have to pull it off. The cat meows in protest as if it's her mitten now or something. Out of all the purses and coats lying around within reach she'd chosen my stuff to infiltrate. Fantastic.

It was freezing cold so I had to wear the mittens home but had to be really careful... touching my face or eyes or hair with those things would have meant another half-hour of misery unless I could find a place to wash my hands and face again. Washed my mittens (both for good measure) and they're drying still.

Cats are just so freaking evil.